A large wedding in Dordrecht, Netherlands featuring a classy bride and my photographer’s shenanigans. 

All I could think about leading up to this wedding was how much I knew I was going to enjoy it. The 12 hours, the running around, eating my granola bars I packed in preparation. Yup, I thought of all the post-apocalyptic possibilities but snacks was the most important!! It felt as though I had done it a million times before. As a second shooter for Elina Nova (um – awesome gal by the way!), I wrangled my entire past jobs and worked to the mindset of what would make Valerie (our lovely bride) remember this day with a warm smile.

Her daughters were with us the entire time and I could see their curiosity – peeking from behind doors, trying to stay out of our way (but all I wanted was for them to be in the “way”!) I wanted to show their happiness for their mom in this way, and I love the photos that came from this!!

Near the end of the night, classic 90s songs blasted from the speakers and it was a party! Busting moves, singing a lot to gettin’ jiggy with it. I got home extremely late after walking to our train station, the train and fortunately a cab ride home, but I slept gooooood. Let me tell ya! I hope you see the happiness and anticipation in these images as I felt on the day. Enjoy … in particular the gif of my falling to sleep in my bed. We’ve been there.

But really. Show some love. And book me.