NYC Brand Photography: What to Expect During Your Photoshoot

June 5, 2021

So you’ve finally decided to take the leap and start your brand photography journey. There’s thousands of pretty images all over the web, but what really happens after the contract is signed? Today, I wanted to take you through step by step of what it’s really like to work with an NYC Brand Photographer. Let’s dive in.



First Dates

Once you’re officially signed on, we have our first coffee + chat! I’ll set up a little virtual coffee date for us to discuss what you’re picturing for your brand photoshoot. We’ll talk vision, logistics, and just really brainstorm all the fun things we’ll be creating to bring your brand story to life. For me, these easy-going first calls are so important. We really take a deep dive into not just your vision, but who you are as a person and what matters in your business.




A Sense of Direction

Now that we’ve started forming your vision, it’s time for me and my team to get our own creative juices flowing. After the initial call, I’ll take all of the big ideas and turn it into clear (and aesthetically pleasing) mood boards. Then, I’ll present these to you for us to discuss and refine the brand photoshoot until it perfectly describes you and your brand. Once we both are on the same page and have the creative side nailed down, it’s time to work through logistics.



Pre-Production Time

Time to put things into high gear! We have the creative vision down, but now we have to sort out how we are going to make this happen. My team will use the vision boards to start location scouting, finding talent, and sourcing props. We’ll present you with options to make sure you’re completely in love with everything, and then go ahead and book accordingly. Depending on the scope of your shoot, we may be looking at booking locations, make up artists, wardrobe stylists, catering, and more!


woman lying on stacks of books


It’s Go Time

The big day is finally here! We’re on location and it’s time to get to photographing. My team will provide a call sheet with all of the details, including a timeline breakdown for the day. It’s completely normal to feel a bit nervous, but I promise I’ll make sure you look great and have fun! We’ll have a feel-good playlist going and make sure you’re staying hydrated. It’s important to me that you feel totally relaxed and in your element. During our creative process, we’ll have created story scenes to go off of, but if the opportunity arises, I’m always down to go off script for the perfect moment. Watch below to see what it’s like on set with us!


Check out the Behind-The-Scenes video of Brand Studio Portraits


Let’s Wrap This Up

Woohoo!! You made it! The shoot is all done, and now all that’s left is to pick your images. Shortly after we wrap, I’ll send you the gallery for you to review and pick which images you want. This number will be outlined in our proposal. Once you’ve picked your images, the sparkly edited ones will be in your inbox within 3 weeks. See? That wasn’t so bad!

Working with an NYC Brand Photographer should be an easy, fun, and relaxed experience. With a personalized approach to creating your brand photography photoshoot, my team is dedicated to providing a transparent and approachable experience from start to finish. 

Ready to get your own story started together? Contact me here and I’ll reach back out to you in less than 24 hours!