Sometimes you come across your type of person in an email inbox. Ok - perhaps not common, but exactly what turned this photoshoot inquiry into a great, warm friend in my own life! Lin wanted to take some updated photos of herself when she found me on the internet.

She's a dancer, a psychologist, is in the tech-world, and the more you talk and learn about her the more interesting it gets. Her story was shared so openly with me, the photo ideas morphed and changed, and when we go on set we were like long-lost friends.


As this was a photoshoot focused on the story, person and all of Lin, I needed to understand what she was drawn to and listen to her ideas as well.

We jumped on many phone calls discussing our life stories, ideas for the shoot, renting studios and backdrops. Paying close attention to words said, we picked out a wonderfully blue canvas backdrop by Schmidli to be the foundation of the shoot.

Who said LinkedIn photos have to be one way or another? I say no to those rules. We opted to go in a fashion editorial route with a bold makeup look, emotion and fun. Time to change minds in 2021.


"You made sure every photo we took represented who I really am"

This is my biggest goal with every Brand Photoshoot.

We work together to create a unique-to-you photoshoot concept with Creative calls, Moodboards and a shoot that you won’t forget.

Your experience is the priority.

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