Another couples session in a cozy home. I swear Lauren and Gavin worked up a sweat from laughing constantly with us all!

If there had been a limelight during this shoot, it would have been directly on top of Gavin’s head. This guy was loving his lady and the attention from all the portraits being taken of them! I swear we couldn’t breathe at one point, and it was quite the task to have a “quiet” moment for one of those serious but not serious portraits. But that’s not the point – this was who they were as a couple, and it was so real.

I found out at one point that they both worked at weddings, one as a photographer and one as a videographer. That perked my ears (’cause you know I’m apparently an animal) and we got chatting. I never even thought they were anything other than super in love, but it makes sense they have jobs right, c’mon Meg. Even you gotta keep the content coming! (Ps. you should really look at these street portraits in Amsterdam… hint hint)

We ate doughnuts at the Inside Workshop, and I bring this up because I feel like doughnuts have brought me closer to people. No, I’m serious. I work sometimes as a barista at a family doughnut shop, I’ve met people from all around and even made a friend while working there one day. We hung out and it was awesome. We ate doughnuts with Laurken Kendall and we raved about the flavours. Doughnuts. bring. people. together.

So maybe I should put it in my repertoire to bring some onto every shoot… 😉
(Ps. unfortunately no doughnut photo here but you can imagine the goodness.)