Florence + Unsalted Bread | Travel Blog

October 10, 2018

After the worst weekend in a really long time (I definitely got locked out my apartment – yikes), writing this post became difficult. As things happen around you, or to you, sometimes you need to simply breathe and reflect. I’m taking that chance with this piece about my travels to Tuscany and Emiglia Romagna. My recommended play list for this journal is going to be at caf é ­ – a lofi / jazz hip hop mix. Sit back.

A day tour of Tuscany’s famous city of Florence is frankly just not enough time. Not sure what we were thinking to be honest. And I had a stomach ache. Why does the world want to stop me!! Despite all of the struggles, it was an exciting journey to take on via the train. I’m not sure if you know, but going by train to Italy’s various cities in the north or south is extremely easy + mostly affordable! Rome is right in the center, so it takes only an hour and a bit to get to Tuscany. The rolling hills, the passing vineyards… Ah. Yes. This is what we see on Google images. (Don’t lie – you’ve googled it) The public transport system in Canada is not the same at all, and no one would ever choose the train over the car if they can.

Florence. Ponte Bridge. Leonardo DaVinci. Art. History. Wine. Words we come back to when we hear about Tuscany. But as seen in my last journal about Puglia, this is the most used word: authentic. Looking back on the trip, I’m realizing that I didn’t know as much as I thought about Florence.  As my first experience of Tuscany, I was mildly underwhelmed. I think I set an expectation of what I should be seeing but felt like I was swimming through selfie-taking people and my own ignorance.

With our own feet we were on our way, in whatever direction felt right to go. Duomo – that way, the museum – that way. It was freeing! Did we have a so-called ‘authentic italian experience’? Who knows, probably not, probably yes. I ate a bread that had NO salt, something a little different that Tuscany is known for (I do prefer salt). It feels this city was the one time I did not stress about missing something ‘huge’. That’s nice.

Should you go? Absolutely. Is there some place I would recommend? Yes: Emiglia Romagna – known as ‘Tuscany without the crowds’.

The only timeline we had was a train ticket in the evening to go to Modena. (HINT: Balsamic Vinegar is from this region!) But that’s for another post 😉 Feast your eyes on Florence in a single day!