The classic New York City sunset couple session,
but with one loud Canadian and a Lawyer + Mathematician.  

I always ask people their favourite spots or routines. It forms an idea in my mind about who they are and the type of things they might do on a regular day. So when Emily and Nick told me about how they go to Domino Park park right by the water, overlooking Manhattan, I knew it was the right spot. But this time around they brought me with a camera!! (Fun fact: Elizabeth introduced us)

My attitude was simply HYPED. I scouted the area early before we met for the couples shoot, admiring what a perfect day it was. Thinking of a rough game plan for when they arrived. I remember texting Emily that we lucked out on the weather completely since it rained so much the day before!

Photo sessions with couples are so different to fashion shoots, but I love to use my skillset from both types. Planned meets spontaneous. I’m a very expressive person with my voice and directing people in a positive, excitable way and as Emily best described it…


“[Megan’s] easy going and friendly nature and willingness to put [herself] out there and goof around with us made the experience not only waaaay more enjoyable, but also put us at ease and helped us feel less awkward”



Emily and Nick were long distance for three years (!!!) before moving to Brooklyn, NYC. And I feel this.
I photographed this beautiful couple with the heart of someone who misses their person.

Having my own long distance relationship gave us the chance to connect. I asked for their advice and thoughts, and we agreed that being in a LDR allows you to grow strongly as a couple. You find the best ways to communicate and learn about each other, you can be independent, and you find time for phone calls, texts and visits. The worst? When you have a bad day, when you need to have a tough conversation, and when you simply miss them and want a hug. #true

They were sweet, open to my ideas and I felt myself with them. Big thanks to them for letting a stranger (now friends) photograph their faces!

Using my feelings to fuel the shoot, my eye to guide them around our locations, and good conversation ending the evening… we had the best time. And at the end of the day you need someone that will listen to you and be vulnerable with you.


That’s me, let’s talk more. ?☕?



“You were a perfect amount of chill and laid back but also structured in your approach and knew your skills and how to best position us for the photos. I loved that you were open to hearing our vision and also had a strong one of your own. I also loved how innovative you are with all the GIFS – so cool!” – Emily & Nick ♥