My lifestyle portrait session nearby Amsterdam made for some epic memories and to-die-for pictures. Here’s a snippet for your curious eyes.

A rush to jump on a train towards Haarlem made me slightly over-hyper when I met Céline… for the second time ever. Her passion for yoga is what sparked our initial conversation as she needed to get some portraits for her new website – but we connected the moment we began talking about our ideas and past experiences. I was extremely excited as the location she wanted to take us was the sandy dunes and beach to the west of Amsterdam – needless to say, we had an amazing, spirited time running around (once in circles) and this is the essence of Céline that I was able to grab on camera.

I must say, I always look at these photos and I’m reminded that things come our way right when we need them. I was new to the city as a photographer, couldn’t figure out where I was headed, and wasn’t feeling great. We’ve been there – you get me. This shoot sparked energy in me. So if you think you feel the excitement as much as I do, we should really talk. Really. Let’s talk. I’ll leave a little nugget of words that Céline had to say about me at the end of the photos!