It’s not every day that you’re surprised with a model on Cannon Beach in beautiful Oregon. 

Well, okay okay okay… it’s my bestie and she toootally surprised me (a person who barely gets surprised) at the SeaTac Airport back up in Washington!! By hiding behind a group of tall dudes, she suddenly jumped up and made me realized I had been fooled the entire time. This worked out extremely well since I had to travel down to Portland for a few days and her west coast journey meant she was going the same way – thus the road trip begun together!

We had a few classic things we wanted to get done involving food and of course Cannon Beach. I can’t believe I overlooked it when planning my trip to Portland – but boy was I lucky to have Beth with me. Sometimes you need a portrait session without any expectations, any deadlines, and totally no planning. And of course a good friend with good tunes! This reminded me of my lifestyle portrait session on the beach with Celine, so if you want more goodies you gotta give those a look. They’re pretty awesome.


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A little backstory before the portraits… or go straight to the series. No one shall know.

Beth and I have been friends for nine years now! I think our friendship started when Beth was sent to the principal’s office for braiding my hair, at least that’s what we’ve agreed it to be up until now. We both loved cracking jokes, drama class, and had a huge phase of vintage clothes at Goodwill. Since 2009 we’ve survived exams, graduated, hit milestones, and ended up at completely opposites ends of the world for college: Canada and the UK. Whoever said that friends from high school don’t stay friends, you wrong! (Looking at you Doug – can’t get rid of me!!) Enough about this though. Photos!

From brewed artisan coffee (oooh fancy) straight to a very big rock in the ocean, Oregon was a great trip to venture with you, Beth! *queue gushy music* Can’t believe it’s September and I’m only sharing these beauties now from July, life sometimes throws everything at you at once. But I get to share the photos with you today!

On a side note: Most of these are in Astoria in search of The Goonies home – I set down the camera to enjoy some beer with my main sidekick in Portland, and we got very lost most of the time, yeah, 100% of the time. Don’t look at me…


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