I was more than honoured when Sloane reached out for a second Brand Photoshoot with me. She was the first person to trust my eye when I first started to offer Brand Photography, and here she was writing me again!

Not only did we enjoy our time eating charcuterie, talking about travel and languages, but I felt so at peace as we photographed with freedom.


This Brand Photoshoot was inspired by the idea of curiosity, editorial and colors. I wanted to get close in the images to allow the viewers to feel a part of Sloane's awesome personality.

After our two Creative Direction calls, the Brand Photoshoot planning was followed by buying props, and scheduling to complete 5 different scene set-ups.

Since Sloane is also a Photographer, it was important to capture her true essence so others can imagine what it's like to work with her. I have no doubt we succeeded!


"[megan] can really connect to what is important to you"

This is my biggest goal with every Brand Photoshoot.

We work together to create a unique-to-you photoshoot concept with Creative calls, Moodboards and a shoot that you won’t forget.

Your experience is the priority.

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