I was in the middle of a big, wonderful change when Ashlee wrote me for her Brand Photoshoot. It was the perfect timing and opportunity to have her go through my new photoshoot experience!

We had our first phone call and instantly shared the same joyful energy. I loved hearing Ashlee's enthusiasm and openness to my bold ideas - her photos are just as bright as her.


Since Ashlee is a Nutrionist, it was very important to showcase her approach to coaching with her clients. My first instinct was to find a way to express Ashlee's fun, open personality in a unique way - a color backdrop, and a fruit crown.

After creating her Moodboards, pre-production began with renting a studio with a kitchen and beautiful living space. Next, we coordinated props, outfits and purchasing a large yellow backdrop just for the Brand Photoshoot.

The portraits are stunning with variety, but the best part is how we can see Ashlee's personality in each Branding photo.

fresh and fun!

"You made sure every photo we took represented who I really am"

This is my biggest goal with every Brand Photoshoot.

We work together to create a unique-to-you photoshoot concept with Creative calls, Moodboards and a shoot that you won’t forget.

Your experience is the priority.

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