My move to Amsterdam was both horribly spontaneous and completely organized.

My family has had ties to the Netherlands for however long and for however many generations. We cannot seem to leave Europe, it’s constantly dragging us back to its beautiful countryside and urbanscapes. Whenever people ask me about where I’m from or what is home, I can’t keep my answers short. I think this is both an amazing part of my life abroad and also a downfall, because I feel absent from the people I have grown close to, and each time I have to tell them, “I’ll come back soon” I know that soon is never soon enough. But relationships can stay strong no matter the distance or time.

If you’re a traveler, you get it. Even if you’re not or don’t often, you probably still understand the feeling. But it’s also liberating! The chance to put yourself out there, understand a new culture and join a completely diverse community makes you grow. So to those thinking about taking that leap: do it. If you’re scared to make a decision, because you simply just don’t know what might happen, say yes. It will definitely make you grow. Oh, and visit Amsterdam!