Amsterdam was the place where I felt most alive.

Not behind the desk for 8 hours at a time.

I was living the time of my life in Amsterdam, when I was called to New York City to work as a high-end photo Producer.

The change in atmosphere was a shock, which is easy to believe when your daily life used to consist of bike rides and pulling espresso at a doughnut shop.

Ever so slowly, the creeping grip of NYC got a hold of me to believe that strategy, structure and information was law and my natural intuition was wrong. So no longer did I feel like the girl on a bike riding against the wind without a care and powerful self-belief.

Oh no – the bike had morphed into a non-stop stationary bike... in a basement..... without a window.

My curiosity to experiment battled against feeling that I didn’t know enough. Not good enough. It became about what was profitable or how to think the ‘right way’. Everything was circling in my head, paralyzing my inner voice.

It felt exhausting to constantly doubt who I am.

A single photo shoot in 2019 changed the direction of my path.

A photographer wanted something exciting and new for her website, headshots that in her words were ‘weird’ – but they were completely HER. We put glasses on her head and no joke, had her throw a chair in the air! The entire time I practiced my craft with fun in mind and loudly expressed my excitement with her as we exchanged stories, laughed, and weren’t bound by limits.

I haven’t stopped brand photo shoots ever since.

Snippets of that photo shoot

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When we choose who we are and our intuition over rules and strategy, everything becomes natural. Our creative collaboration will be a space to envision the possibilities while creating something completely in-tune to your personality.

I believe and support your big dreams, and together we can preserve the stories that have shaped you. Let’s join up and make a new experience together!

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snippets of my life that perfectly define my big personality...

I hitchhiked with my new friend in Chile for 600 km

I was flown to Cannes, France to photograph and film a boat

I speak 3 languages: English, Dutch and Spanish

I learned Spanish for love

I directed a 15-min Fiction short film in the UK

I've lived in over 5 countries!

I own over 15 film cameras and yes, I use them all (usually..)

love + friendship

The love of

my life is my

greatest story

My friends make up a large chunk of me, and I’d do anything for them.

and it can be the same for you

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