We never expected to meet under these circumstances. Let alone drive over 55+ hours between the two of us.

Jordan and I met virtually from a workshop we both attended in 2019 – Me in New York City and herself in Seattle. We somehow began chatting, even having a brief phone call together! Afterwards, we drifted off into our busy schedules. “Real life” as we call it.

During the entirety of 2019, I worked in a photo studio in the prestigious Starrett-Lehigh building. It houses big names such as Ralph Lauren, Club Monaco, and even Martha Stewart! AND… It was hectic. I could only maintain close relationships I already had, but I was living the so-called NYC dream – right? Now as we near the end of 2020 self-reflecting we can guarantee that wasn’t the case. 

What happened starting 2020 was a series of events that quickly spiraled down to:

I’m meeting a “stranger” and going straight away on a 10-day road trip!


As we went on our 10-day journey, it was a strange feeling of clarity and limbo.

Throughout the months of 2020 I have learned valuable lessons within self-reflection of the past, pain in the present and connecting to a future I truly love, and with the right people. I’m a person who has by all means been independent since a young age, and you know what? It’s also my downfall. 

Our strengths can also become a vice if we’re not self-conscious.

For a long time, I was unable to let go of things I thought we’re right or wrong, because I did a lot of things alone. I was my own confidant and my own enemy. Working alone got to the point of not trusting others fully.

I was so used to doing things in a way that worked for me, that when I was greeted with someone different, who approached situations in a different way… I couldn’t trust it. It used to be a big downfall which came out as over analyzing, finishing tasks meant for others, relying only on myself, and not sharing struggles.


From 2019 to present, I learned that the beauty of life is trust in self + trust in others.



As we drove down barren highways and busy city streets, Jordan and I chatted about our histories while blasting some good tunes. Our similarities we’re insane, even both of us getting excited at how well we packed the car! (Organization is the boss)

At one point during a deep conversation, we looked at each other and said, “It’s as though we’re the same person, but one version stayed in their town and one left and never came back” 

With the positives and negatives in front of us, we started to understand each other on another level. Both of us saw the other side of the coin, and I began to learn that losing isn’t bad

Because in the end, we get to choose what we want to ‘lose’ in life. Trusting ourselves and others around us as we make those choices. Isn’t that empowering?

The pain of 2020 unveiled how I’m done with losing time from my precious bonds.

I’ve moved so often for the sake of opportunity over the years, and it worked for a while! My stories and skills would be nothing if I never took that first step outside of my comfort zone. I will always 100% recommend people to move out of their hometown, travel alone and do something that scares you.

I’m simply strong enough to say now… I want to be together, close, stable, and create the stories together with those I trust the most. And to lose the certain pieces that don’t fit into that life.

So in 2020, I started to ask deeply what life I wanted to live.

What do I love to do?

What does this life feel like?

Where would I be?

Who would I be around?

and How can I live that life?


Instead of saying yes to *every* opportunity,
I ask myself if this fits into the future life I am building.

Many people look at someone successful (and really – success comes in SO many different shapes and forms) and they speak about how they want their life. But I don’t want just anyone’s life – their dreams, aspirations and lifestyle could be VERY different to my own.

When we wish for someone else’s life we forget that each of our decisions makes the life we want. Am I connected to my future if I say yes to this? Am I gaining more than what I am choosing to lose? I learned that I’m ready for a life that brings me closer to loved ones, not farther away. 

I am now more connected to my future than ever before. 

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Happy Birthday Felipe <3


Thanks for the best trip Jordan.