After working in fashion, filmmaking and producing large-scale photoshoots, I’ll make sure your brand photoshoot experience becomes the creative outlet of your dreams.

I don’t believe we need a sales strategy for success.

I don’t believe you need to be someone else for your photos.

I want to connect with you, your life and your ideas to create brand portraits that reflect who you are without limits.

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I moved from Amsterdam to New York City, and learned that I’m no corporate lady.

I'm Canadian by the way!

My creative soul wants to laugh, move, feel and be loud - not to be told ‘NO’ by any rules! My brand photography approach is rooted in intuition and self-trust, focusing on the core of you as a person to create bold, personality-driven portraits.

It’s a gift to learn about others, and it’s a must to make them feel safe to share a piece of themselves. Let me share my story with you below.

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